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Tickled Pink with Bargain Appliances

I have made multiple trips to this store. I am tickled pink to have a outlet store that provides the brand names I love that are featured at Sears. Tickled pink to get the outlet prices for this merchandise, too. All around beyond satisfied - tickled pink.

Lynne M. from Portland, OR

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27 in. Electric Extra Large Capacity Laundry Center with Dryer at Sears Outlet

************ HOT BUY ************** 2.7 cu ft Capacity Washer. 5.7 cu ft Capacity Dryer. 5 Wash Cycles. Timed Dry & Automatic Permanent Press Cycles. Great Laundry Solution for Limited Spaces! Get both the washer & dryer for the price of one! Property Managers & Landlords GREAT for rental properties. Sears Outlet Portland has a wide selection of laundry centers some more than 40% off of retail!! Buy your appliance & pick up the same day!! These HOT BUYS won't last forever!

Product Category: Washers and Dryers
Product: 27 in. Electric Extra Large Capacity Laundry Center with Dryer - 9781
Price: $713.99(Reg Price: $1189.99)
Store Number: 5397
Store Address: 4500 N E 122nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97230-1233, (503) 257-4732

Sears Outlet Discount Appliance Retail Store Goes Extra Mile

Scott and Tom went the extra mile in speeding order processing, delivery scheduling. The independent delivery service owned by D.B. was superb. They changed the delivery schedule and route to meet my time urgency needs. D.J. reversed the refrigerator doors-hinges on the refrigerator and had to drill and custom fit the hinges on my home site because the manufacturer had not pre-drilled the holes. D.J. found that the leveling stabilizers had stripped threads, not detected in the store and put in place wood leveling shims so that the refrigerator would function properly. They provided instructions on the temperature adjustments being factor set and that filling the refrigerator would help it reach proper temperature faster. D.J. and his assistant spent twice as much time as usual because they had to make the custom door reversal changes and hand level the unit. They deserve a bonus. Their "can do" go the extra mile of service reflected well on them and corrected two problems not caught in the store.

Charles M. from Portland, OR

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Deal on Refrigerators: Another Happy Sears Outlet Customer

I was shopping for a refrigerator and washer and dryer and my friend recommended that I check out the Sears Outlet store. I did not know that the store existed. I went to look at washers and dryers because I had already determined that I was going to get a refrigerator at another store. The Sears Outlet store had the refrigerator I wanted at a super amazing price. Alan, the store associate, and Craig, the store manager were both very informative on the product and very patient as I considered my options. They also gave me quite a bit of information about washers and dryers as I considered what was available in the store. They did not have exactly what I wanted, but I walked out purchasing the refrigerator.

Within 30 minutes I was at a Sears retail store purchasing the washer and dryer that I wanted based on information that Alan had shared. I ran into a co-worker and her husband at the Sears Retail store and they were looking at a washer and dryer set that I had seen at the Sears Appliance Outlet. I told them about the Outlet store (they also did not know that the Outlet store existed) and specifically recommended that they speak to Alan if they have any questions. Additionally, there were some products that I was looking for in the Outlet store, but were not available when I was there. Alan gave me the number of the store, his availability and told me when to call to see if the store had what I was looking for in stock. Alan was a great representative of Sears and the service that I recall from my childhood when Sears was the only store in the town that I lived in.

Brenda Christine G. from Portland, OR

Cooktop at Sears Outlet Portland

The Architect® Series II 36 in. gas cooktop has five sealed burners that accommodate cooking styles from simmering to sauting to searing. A 20,000 BTU dual-tier burner provides the highest power of any gas cooktop. Low-profile grates create a look that integrates with the countertop. Clear coat protection helps keep the stainless steel surface looking clean and new.

Product Category: Cooking Appliances
Product: Cooktop (Gas)
Price: $989.99(Reg Price: $1649.99)
Store Number: 5397
Store Address: 4500 N E 122nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97230-1233, (503) 257-4732