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Clearance Sale Clothes at Hayward Sears Outlet Store

I went into sears today to look at there clothes. There prices were outstanding and what a deal i got. A free piece of clothing. What a great deal they have. It was so great to pick out a piece of clothing for free. And the quality and brands they carry are great. Thank you sears for making my shopping experiance excellant. And the salesgal was really helpful and thoughtful. I will shop at this store again. I have been to my local store in San Leandro and they have nothing on the Hayward store. Better choices and I love the layout of the Hayward store makes things easier to find unlike in the San Leandro store.

product: Pants
Name: John
City: San Leandro
State: Ca

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Great Deals on Clearance Sale Clothes

I just moved but my business clothes didn't make it in time so I made a quick trip to Sear's Outlet and WOW - a whole new, fast, great wardrobe. I love Sear's Outlet!

product: skirts and sweaters and blouse Clearance Sale Clothes at Sears Outlet
Name: Joan
City: Baltimore
State: MD

Great Haul of Clearance Sale Clothes

I have lost 50 lbs. since April of this year, and although I had purchased some clothing, after the last round of losing I needed a lot of new clothes. I had $100 to spend, and needed lots of stuff--pants, shirts, sweaters, and sweatshirts/hoodies. I went in to my local Sears Outlet in Naperville, IL. It was the first time I had been there, but my sister had clued me in to some of the bargains to be had there. She sure was right. I got sixteen brand new garments for my $100. I got gorgeous shirts and sweaters from Land's End, my favorite brand, and other brands as well. I found two great hoodies in my favorite color. Jeans were a win too, and I went home with three pairs. Everything was at such good prices! After trying things on and making my selection, I went to the checkout stand and waited for just a few minutes. Then the cashier beckoned me over, and he checked me out in a very professional manner. He informed me about the savings club and how it was free to join and I could get a free garment every Tuesday. I thought that was terrific. Since it was a Tuesday, I was even able to get one of the garments I had chosen for free! My transaction was a little complex, but the cashier (whose name I unfortunately didn't catch) had no trouble at all with it. He was so polite and professional. It was a great shopping trip, and I love the clothes I picked. I have been recommending Sears Outlet to my friends since then.

product: Clothing
Name: Sarah S.
City: Aurora
State: IL

Clearance Sale Clothes - Bargains on Heavy Jackets

Since we live in hot weather, we have no need to buy heavy jackets. However, with a trip approaching in a cold area, the 3 of us went to Sears Outlet to see if we could find warm jackets. Wow! We loved them so much that we returned with a friend the next day. Forget the coupons!! Oh, did I mention they were about 50% less than the "bargain stores"?

product: jackets
Name: georgia
City: corona
State: ca

Excellent Selection of Clearance Sale Clothes

this was my first experience at a sears apparel outlet store and i was blown away! i walked away with two shopping bags worth of career suiting and spent less than $100.! i have one beautiful outfit on today and have had no less than 20 compliments on it! i feel great about how i look and how i feel about my purchase! i will return straightaway. THANK YOU . Cheryl V, Physician Recruiter

Cheryl V. from Crystal Lake, IL

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Clearance Sale Clothes for Kids

Judi, Kathy, and all of the other staff members at Sears Outlet are outstanding. I have been coming to this Sears Outlet for almost three years now, and have always been treated with the utmost friendliness and helpfulness. I am thrilled with all of the new kids' clothes added to the apparel department recently, and I love the bargains that I have found. Most of what I buy goes to a non-profit organization that serves children, and the staff there is always thrilled with my selections. Please keep up the excellent work.

Laura P. from Bay Village, OH

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Discount Bedding and Clothing at Sears Outlet!

I was pleasantly surprised to find clothing and bedding. Searching for a frame (bed) and box spring and just stopped in hoping to see if these items were carried here. They were, had great help and was very pleased with the purchase. Have already recommended the store to a friend.

Dori C. from woodstock, GA

Clearance Sale Clothes Are Available at Sears Outlet!

Free Coupon for Clearance Sale Clothes Received in the Mail

I can never ever forget how assistive & accomodating Khadiza was, this morning - on my first visit to your store. I thought the Sears Outlet store is just for appliances, until I received a coupon for a free clothing. Khadiza explained a lot of things that made me think I wanna come back again to the store. With these, I am encouraged to recommend everybody to try checking out what you guys have. Because of this, my first experience was awesome!

Ruth C. from Marysville, OH

Clearance Sale Clothes at incredible prices at Sears Outlet!

Who Knew Clearance Sale Clothes at Sears Outlet?

I frequent Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, SteinMart, along with the various department and standalone stores for men at the mall. After my experience with Rachell (Two L's!)(Sales Associate #3574), I will now add Sears Outlet to my roster! Probably the most friendliest and knowledgeable sales associate I have ever encountered (eg. saw me looking to buy my selections and zipped right up to a cashier to help me, explained the store's promotion, even what in stock inventory is available!). Very smart and suprisingly helped before I asked. Kudos to Sears, no longer just an appliance and hardware store, but also a destination where clothes hunters can go. Thanks again, Rachell.

Anthony K. from Diamond Bar, CA

Clearance Sale Clothes at crazy prices only at Sears Outlet.

Great Customer Service and Clearance Sale Clothes

This was my 1st visit to this store & there was a very kind & helpful associate that showed me where clearance sales clothes in my size was located, taking me to each aisle & rack. Her name was Tia, she also checked my merchandise out @ the register. She was absolutely very friendly, courteous, helpful & made me feel welcome & thanked me for shopping @ Sears Outlet. I was very impressed with her performance & when I return to this store, I hope she will be on duty to assist me. In regards to the store, it was very clean, organized & had a pleasant atmosphere. I will shop this store again!

Paula P. from Palm Harbor, FL