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Went Looking for Discount Appliances, Found Clearance Sale Clothes!

We went in looking for a new appliance, and were delighted to find the clothing section just burgeoning with all kinds of bargains! My daughter had wanted some new items, and we found some clothing that suited her wonderfully! She was very exited with what we found. I too, found what I think will be my favorite summer top! It was a very great shopping trip! The sales person, Natalia, associate # 26054, was very helpful, kind, and really terrific! You have some very wonderful staff at this location! So, thank you for offering what you do!

Heidi K. from Castro Valley, CA

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Nice Quality Clearance Sale Clothes at Sears Outlet

I frequent the store about every other week to see what new clothes are there. The clothing is of good quality and great prices. I send my daughters and sister everytime I see things they would like. The young man who waited on me was very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to my next visit.

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Clearance Sale Clothes and Appliances at Sears Outlet

Terrika is an outstanding associate. She greets customers when they first walk in the door. She walks over to customers in the appliance department and tells them, "Did you know that many of the clothes are on a big sale this week?" It takes a truly outgoing person to suggest such sales in an Outlet store. I would be very proud of her if I were her store manager. The clothing department was very neat and tidy.

Discover Clearance Sale Clothes and Appliances at Sears Outlet

Clearance Sale Clothes at Hayward Sears Outlet Store

I went into sears today to look at there clothes. There prices were outstanding and what a deal i got. A free piece of clothing. What a great deal they have. It was so great to pick out a piece of clothing for free. And the quality and brands they carry are great. Thank you sears for making my shopping experiance excellant. And the salesgal was really helpful and thoughtful. I will shop at this store again. I have been to my local store in San Leandro and they have nothing on the Hayward store. Better choices and I love the layout of the Hayward store makes things easier to find unlike in the San Leandro store.

product: Pants
Name: John
City: San Leandro
State: Ca

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Great Selection and Huge Steals on Clearance Sale Clothes at Sears Outlet

The apparel available was very impressive - I had a huge choice and I purchased 7 quality tops and bottoms for a ridiculously low price of $22 TOTAL. I have visited 3 outlets in the southern california area in the past week and the Brea outlet had by far the most clothing. I will be back again and again and I actually recommended the Brea outlet to a woman I did not know that was shopping at the Santa Ana outlet.

Nancy B. from Long Beach, CA

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Clearance Sale Clothes and Land's End Merchandise at Sears Outlet

I am so pleased with my purchases of lands End merchandise. The quality is awesome. No to mention the outlet prices for such quality. I also purchase some household products, a set ladders and cooking utensils as well. The salesperson was so nice and helped me find my correct size- offered me the dressing room to make sure I was pleased with the fit. I plan to visit the store soon and bring my close friends and share with my colleagues.

Barbara B. from Baltimore, MD

Find Clearance Sale Clothes and Land's End Merchandise at Sears Outlet

Great Bargains on Lands End's Clearance Sale Clothes at Sears Outlet

I love this sears outlet store....everything in my closet is landsend now!! i shop here on an average of once every two weeks(payday). The store associates are very friendly and helpful and know me by name...i did all my Christmas shopping here!! i absolutely loooove this store!!!!!

Tameka C. from Mineral, VA

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Dresses and Blouses Clearance Sale Clothes

Andrea was very helpful on finding the right sizes of dresses and blouses I was looking for. Not only she was helpful, she was polite as well. Greeted me with a hello and kept eye contact as she talked to me. I told her how helpful and polite she was as I was getting checkout. She accepted my compliment with a big smile and thanks.

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Clearance Sale Clothes in Phoenix at Sears Outlet

Checked out the website first but for appliances. We found what we wanted but had to measure first so will buy the appliances tomorrow. Meanwhile I found clothes to buy today. All sales people we talked to were excellent and the prices were fantastic!

Gayle L. from Phoenix, AZ

Shop for clearance sale clothes and more at Sears Outlet in Phoenix.

Great Deals on Clearance Sale Clothes

I just moved but my business clothes didn't make it in time so I made a quick trip to Sear's Outlet and WOW - a whole new, fast, great wardrobe. I love Sear's Outlet!

product: skirts and sweaters and blouse Clearance Sale Clothes at Sears Outlet
Name: Joan
City: Baltimore
State: MD