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Discount Gas Dryer 2,000 Miles Away at Sears Outlet

We needed a very specific dryer. It had to be 24" with a right side vent. This limited us to 1 dryer. We looked every day for this dryer until we found it @ Sears Outlet. The only catch was it was 200 miles away. We could have payed for shipping, but wanted to just get it ourselves to save money. We drove to Vegas & back to get it on Thanksgiving weekend. We thought we were crazy, but we saved a ton of money on the machine, some on shipping & had a 4% cashback bonus applied. We are happy we did it & love our dryer.

product: GE Dryer
Name: Kelly
City: Irvine
State: CA

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Get a Deal on Discount Appliances at St. John's Sears Outlet

Barbara and the crew at the St. John's Sears Outlet has renewed my interest in retail shopping. It all started with a simple walk-in my wife and I did to 'just look' 2 months ago. Since we've bought a washer, dryer, and a dishwasher at this Outlet store and at the retail shop in the Regency mall... that speaks tons. If you continue to employ folks like Barbara and have management like George Rankin, i think there will be more happy customers like me who continue spending in your stores...Thank you,Nick and Lesley Tzanev

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Cheap Washing Machines Sold by a Knowledgeable Staff

Zachary, the assistant store mgr was extremely helpful and he was the reason that I purchased the washer. He was knowledgeable about the washers and was able to help me feel comfortable with making this major purchase. He was also respectful and patient. David was the salesperson who is on the sales receipt but I thought he might be fairly new. He was the one who greeted me and was helpful but it was Zach who sealed the deal for me. I will return to this outlet store again when I need to purchase an appliance and I certainly would recommend this store to people.

Paige C. from Park hills, KY

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Deals on Washing Machines at Sears Outlet

My daughter and I were just in the store 25 days prior to this trip when we purchased an oven. The trip we made on 22 Sept. was by far the best experience we have had at the outlet store. I believe it is solely related to the salesperson who helped us this time. He was excellent in knowledge, presentation and verbably explaining every aspect regarding the washing machine purchased. The checkout process was easy, and without being overwhelmed with what I call "add-ons" which increase the price of the item purchased. His explanation of the care and service of the appliance based on the extended warranty purchased would have sold me if I had not intended on purchasing it prior to my arrival. My entended family and friends purchase ONLY Sears appliances because of the people and products themselves. I will shop no where else for appliances.

Deborah C. from Mt. Juliet, TN

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LG Gas Range and Bosch Dishwasher Deals

We purchased our house a few years ago and though the kitchen was recently updated, the previous owners put in cheap appliances which as you might have guessed broke down within 2 years of our home purchase. Since we have a large family, we had to find quality energy efficient appliances that were in our rob Peter to pay Paul budget. After researching all the top major appliance stores as well as all the club wholesale stores, we found just what we were looking for at the Sears Outlet. We purchased great products like our Bosch dishwasher and LG Oven that were both ranked high by JD Powers and Consumer Research. Even if I win the lottery, I will not shop anywhere else!! Why should I? We found great products at great prices and were treated with great respect by the incredibly helpful staff. What more could you ask for!

product: LG Gas Range
Name: P Coughlin
City: Arnold
State: MD

Knowledgeable Sales People When Buying a Discount Refrigerator

I was very impressed with salesperson, Chris Grodin. Very professional, courteous, and made me feel welcome. I was impressed with how knowledgeable she was with the merchandise. She had excellent people skills. I will definitely come back to this store. It's so hard to find knowledgeable sales people now days - you have a real gem in this lady. I will definitely be recommending her and your store to my friends.

Linda O. from Torrance, CA

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Find a Deal on Major Appliances at Sears Outlet

My salesperson was Corrie. I have to say that the store manager, Achelle greeted me and asked Corrie to help me. I has done my homework and Corrie knew her stuff! She was serious, professional and listened to my needs. She has all the right stuff to train others, that I can tell you!

Karen T. from Glendale, AZ

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2nd Major Appliance Purchase from Sears Outlet

This is the second time we have purchased a major appliance from the Sears Outlet store and we have been totally satisfied with our purchases. The Sales Associates are always nice and well informed. They provide all the answers to our questions. Sometimes we have to go down to the Sears Outlet store more than once to find just exactly what we need, but it's so worth it. We always highly recommend this Sears Outlet store to everyone. We'll see you next time.... I think I see a new washer and dryer in our future. Keep up the good work.

Debbe M. from El Cajon, CA

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Every Day Deal on Major Appliances at Sears Outlet

Sales representative Cindy (Assoc# 5702) was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on every product I asked about. She exuded a sense of confidence which was very comforting and it gave me the feeling that she was there to help me. I came into the store one hour before it closed on a friday night and left 45 minutes after closing time...never in that whole time I was inside the store did Cindy make me feel like she was in a hurry. She tagged along the whole time and was very kind and understanding. Thank you Cindy (Sears Outlet Prince William, VA)

Ernesto A. from Arlington, VA

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Get Your Deal on Deal on Scratch and Dent Appliances at Sears Outlet

I could not be more happy with the service provied with David Paiva from the Fall River Outlet store. He knew what he was talking about and was HONEST. We actually left the store and talked for a while with friends about how low stress the expirience was and how pleased we were with Davids service. We really could not be more happy and would of course go back and tell our friends to go and see him!

Jenny R. from E. Providence, RI

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