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Zachary, the assistant store mgr was extremely helpful and he was the reason that I purchased the washer. He was knowledgeable about the washers and was able to help me feel comfortable with making this major purchase. He was also respectful and patient. David was the salesperson who is on the sales receipt but I thought he might be fairly new. He was the one who greeted me and was helpful but it was Zach who sealed the deal for me. I will return to this outlet store again when I need to purchase an appliance and I certainly would recommend this store to people.

Paige C. from Park hills, KY

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Deals on Washing Machines at Sears Outlet

My daughter and I were just in the store 25 days prior to this trip when we purchased an oven. The trip we made on 22 Sept. was by far the best experience we have had at the outlet store. I believe it is solely related to the salesperson who helped us this time. He was excellent in knowledge, presentation and verbably explaining every aspect regarding the washing machine purchased. The checkout process was easy, and without being overwhelmed with what I call "add-ons" which increase the price of the item purchased. His explanation of the care and service of the appliance based on the extended warranty purchased would have sold me if I had not intended on purchasing it prior to my arrival. My entended family and friends purchase ONLY Sears appliances because of the people and products themselves. I will shop no where else for appliances.

Deborah C. from Mt. Juliet, TN

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I was looking for the home appliances and needed some info for the bargan items on the floor. sales person 'Isreal' went extra miles to meet all my demands on the model, price and the size that would fit my new kitchen. It was an awsome exprience to have someone assist, and complete the all my needs. Isreal was the one of kind wonderful, sales person ever! And another sales associate was Ruthie. she was very knowledgeable on all the sale prices and very well informed. Thank you Isreal, and Ruthie !!!

Kumson M. from Glastonbury, CT

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Arron had me take my time as I was a unsure of the initial decision so he did not put any pressure on me. When I was ready, I had him come over to help me make the best decision for my needs. I appreciate his input and his patience as a washing machine is used 3-6 time a week for several years so I had to weigh the benefits of brand X versus brand Y (Top Loaders versus front loaders). Arron wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with the decision that I was making.

Howard G. from Castro Valley, CA

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Discount Washer at Sears Outlet Purchased Based on Consumer Reports

Monique was terrific! She was extremely patient with my extensive (2 hours) decision-making process (while I pored over the Consumer Reports advice in the store), and extremely helpful in advising me of the Sears financing options that best met my needs. We got it home, installed and running the night we bought it. I've done 5 loads of laundry in the past 36 hours--very happy with my new washer!

K G. from Brookfield, WI

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The salesman that helped me went way out of his way to make sure I understood everything that the washer was capeable of doing. I was very impressed by how much he knew about all the different washers in the store. I will look for him on my next purchase for sure. It is so nice to meet a knowledgeable salesperson that also is very courtious and friendly as well. GOOD JOB.

Ed S. from Jacksonville, FL

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Cheap Washing Machines at Sears Outlet

We went shopping for a new washer - and spent a little over two hours - Alan assisted us in finding the right unit to fit our budget-this was a process. He was professional, extremly patience - friendly and easy to work with. I appreciate someone taking the time necessaryto assist you making a good decision without the sales pressure.

Darci R. from pleasanton, CA

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I am 65, and have a back problem. Normally you wouldn't notice the limp.....when I entered the outlet and went to the Washing Machine Depart, the merchandise wasn't clearly marked illustrating size of tub capacity. I asked for help and received an Angel. I explained WHAT I was looking for and approximate price range. Marsha immediately began checking for the info on the 5 washers I selected, After giving me the information, we then took a look at the website to see if anything was coming in w/ my spec's. The finale....I purchased! Delivery in 3 days. Courteous, efficient, customer service, making me feel valued.

Sharon K. from Lakewood, CA

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Cheap Washing Machines at Sears Outlet

I know that I'm a difficult customer but I am extremely satisfied. I told Kendrick up front that I wanted the best washer/dryer for the least amount possible. The first set he took me to is the one I bought. Next up was delivery. I'm a restaurant manager so I work odd hours. I was told my preferred delivery date was unavailable and I would have to wait an additional week. Joseph, the manager on duty stepped in and told me he couldn't promise an earlier delivery but they would do their best. I don't know what they did but I received my appliances on my preferred delivery date. That's how you earn repeat business. In a follow up phone call from Kendrick I told him I will be back in roughly a month to purchase a 40 inch flat screen. That's true. He also knows I want the best deal I can get. Thanks so much for helping me to afford the lifestyle I want!

Kristin L. from McKinney, TX

Deals on Kenmore Washing Machines at Sears Outlet

This refrigerator makes the 4th appliance I purchased from Sears Outlet Store in the last month. I purchased a Kenmore Washing Machine, Dishwasher and 2 Refrigerators within the last month. My initial visit made my a loyal, return customer. Your sales associate, Jason, was a significant reason for my 2 return visits. Jason was our sales associate on all 4 purchases. Jason was informative, courteous, and efficient, a wonderful asset to your company. Your price point is exellent and your selection offers a wide price and style range. Thank you and let Jason know how much he is appreciated!

Judy R. from Hallandale Beach, FL