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Discount Major Appliances with Customer Service and a Sense of Humor

With custumer service lacking at most department stores these days, it was refreshing to be helped by Paul Tassinari, who displayed knowledge of the products, professionalism, and a sense of humor while helping us with our decision and purchase. We will return to this store for future purchases and would recommend it to others. Thank you.

Elaine H. from Sacramento, CA

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Washer, Dryer and Dishwasher Shopping All In One Place!

My neighbor purchaced a appliance @ Sears Outlet and told me about it. I bought a home recently and purchased my washer/ dryer & dishwasher. Joe Toro was probbly the best salesman I have ever encountered! and I work in a Hospital where customer service is very Important. He was patient, knew his product and never once rushed me into buying. He deserves a promotion! Thanks Joe! and everyone at the Sears outlet. I will come back again in the future and I have recommeneded the store to a few people already!

Lupe W. from Norwalk, CA

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Cheap Washing Machines Sold by a Knowledgeable Staff

Zachary, the assistant store mgr was extremely helpful and he was the reason that I purchased the washer. He was knowledgeable about the washers and was able to help me feel comfortable with making this major purchase. He was also respectful and patient. David was the salesperson who is on the sales receipt but I thought he might be fairly new. He was the one who greeted me and was helpful but it was Zach who sealed the deal for me. I will return to this outlet store again when I need to purchase an appliance and I certainly would recommend this store to people.

Paige C. from Park hills, KY

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Buy Major Home Appliances Where The Sales People Know More Than You Do!

If all stores has employees like Cree, the retail stores would be full of customers. Cree not only found out what I wanted and needed, but kept going to the warehouse to see if there was an item in new or better condition. She took the time to hear my needs and explain each product and their differences to me. I for once did not fell as though I knew more than the sales person. Cree is a sears keeper.

Gerald M. from San Francisco, CA

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Great Deals on Home Appliances at Sears Outlet

We had seen the refrigerator we decided to buy on an earlier trip to the store, but decided to shop around a bit just to see what else was out there. We came back the next day to buy the refrigerator, but every one of the three that had been on the floor had been sold. We went to a Sears store to check out the model we were interested in and decided we could buy it at full price if we needed to, but that we would wait and keep checking the store to find the next one to come on the floor. This process took about three weeks but ended in success. We have always found the outlet store to be a good value. Even though we have always shopped around we always end up back at the outlet. So much so that every appliance in our house was bought at the outlet store. We could have saved ourselves some time if we had just remembered this on this occasion.

Michael P. from Steilacoom, WA

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3 Discount Home Appliances All in One Spot

FIRST and for most I just want to say that the salesperson Chris was very very helpful and honest and i am very pleased by his customer service. I went in the Sears outlet looking for 3 appliances and he helped me find exactly want me and my wife were looking for. And also the store manager Alan was extreamly helpful too. When i was at the register getting ready to pay and seal the deal Chris was very honest with me, I had paid a extra $100.00 and he told me to recount the money and sure enough I did. Chris is a very honest and intellagent man and i will sure enough tell my friends about sears outlet, and to ask for Chris.

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Serious Discount Major Appliances at "My Sears Outlet"

MY SEARS OUTLET.... this is my store. When I arrived we were on the lower level looking at several items when my usual sales lady Donna came down the stairs and says theres my ladies, and ask how we were doing. She then says she has to do some things but the sales lady Susy would assist us when we get to the second level. She calls Susy, introduces us (which I thought was really awsome) and we continue shopping. Once my purchase was complete we talked (which took me back to my early years), we laughed and we bid our ado's. Love, Love, Love, the sales people in "My Sears Outlet".

Wanda S. from Placentia, CA

Discount Scratch and Dent Appliances at Sears Outlet

This store is awesome! I have been there many times now and always leave very pleased at the value of my purchases. I have bought anything from appliances to clothing and have not been disappointed in the service or products I get every single time. The people are friendly and helpful and make shopping fun.. keep up the good work!

Beth E. from Phoenix, AZ

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Discount School Supplies at Sears Outlet

I was in the process of buying school supplies to distribute for charity. After visiting many stores I found the items at the Sears Oulet. Ms. Forchion was extremely helpful in helping me locate enough items to fill the 25 bags for those in needs and taking the time to check all the prices. She even had to enter some items individually as the register was being dificult. she was a blessing. New Jersey Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

Krista C. from Willingboro, NJ

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Discount Gas Ranges at Sears Outlet

Recently I needed a gas range top and I stopped in to see if they had one to fit my gas range. They didn't but the sales associate took down my name and telephone number and said if one came in he would give me a call. About a month later Alan gave me a call and said one was now available. I was somewhat surprised because I thought he had forgot about me. I purchased the gas range top and when I needed a new refridgerator I went right back to Alan at the Sears Outlet store and bought a beautiful stainless steel refridgerator. I will definitely go back to this store when I need another appliance.

Robert B. from Eastlake, OH