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Sears Outlet Discount Appliance Retail Store Goes Extra Mile

Scott and Tom went the extra mile in speeding order processing, delivery scheduling. The independent delivery service owned by D.B. was superb. They changed the delivery schedule and route to meet my time urgency needs. D.J. reversed the refrigerator doors-hinges on the refrigerator and had to drill and custom fit the hinges on my home site because the manufacturer had not pre-drilled the holes. D.J. found that the leveling stabilizers had stripped threads, not detected in the store and put in place wood leveling shims so that the refrigerator would function properly. They provided instructions on the temperature adjustments being factor set and that filling the refrigerator would help it reach proper temperature faster. D.J. and his assistant spent twice as much time as usual because they had to make the custom door reversal changes and hand level the unit. They deserve a bonus. Their "can do" go the extra mile of service reflected well on them and corrected two problems not caught in the store.

Charles M. from Portland, OR

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