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The experience was very positive. I was excited about the great prices, and the customer service was excellent. Greg Jones was very helpful, answering all of our questions, even offering additional advice about how to make the air conditioner work even better. He sold the product, and it was Greg's personality that really made the difference! I will make sure to request him for assistance on all my future purchases!

Charmaine M. from Pittsburgh, PA, PA

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Need a Chainsaw? Shop Sears Outlet for Discount Power Tools

The lady that sold me my chainsaw was knowledgeable, personable and very nice looking. I was hoping to take her with me to teach me how to use it. She pointed out the features compared to another model, answered my questions then took me to the counter where she rung up my purchase with no waiting. She offered me a 3 year warranty that I declined. When I return to that store I will look to her for assistance if I need it.

Larry J. from Glasgow, KY

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Discount Power Tools with the Sears Promise!

I let the associate who checked me out know that I didn't want the process to take too long as I was buying tool equipment that would require more paperwork than a usual purchase. (I was in a hurry.) I had purchased similar items before, and so I was familiar with some of the process and information on the Sears Promise and didn't need a full explanation. The associate was very fast, courteous, and helpful and did his best to give me a streamlined process and had my items waiting for me to pick up at the back of the store when I was ready. I was very happy with the service I received. I don't often comment on service at stores, but this time, I wanted to make sure I took the time to say 'thank you!'

Rebecca B. from Marietta, Georgia

Find Discount Power Tools with the Sears Promise at Sears Outlet!