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It was an excellent Experience....Our associate quickly found exactly what we wanted, found out why we had chosen the product on-line and told us why she thought two other options would meet our needs better.....we agreed with her and she quickly wrote up the whole transaction. giving us as many discounts as she could...explaining about the 3 and 5 year service plans which we declined. arranged for delivery and got us on our way.....we hope to always shop at that Sears Outlet Store for future appliance needs.

Marty M. from Smithfield, NC

Find a Double Wall Oven with Microwave at Sears Outlet.

Double Wall Oven with Microwave at Sears Outlet

Our sales lady made our first trip to the outlet store very enjoyable. She was there when we needed her, her knowledge of product, sales info, and pricing were right on. Even the two guys loading my truck were very helpful and courteous. I need a built in microwave unit; I will definetely check with sears first. Thx Again Mark

Mark R. from Pittsboro, NC

Find discount microwaves daily at Sears Outlet.

Double Ovens and More at Sears Outlet

I did a lot of research with Consumer Reports and shopping around on the internet for a new fridge and oven. Everyone I spoke to recommended Sears Outlet center, but I wanted to search around for myself. And it turns out, they had exactly what I was looking for - and the best prices too! It was great to be able to shop the store inventory online and determine what was there before I made the trip. Going into Memorial Day weekend, all the competitors were having sales, but none of them came close to Sears Outlet's prices. Once I arrived at the store armed with my research printouts, my salesperson (Tom Reynolds) was very helpful by walking me around the store to find the exact fridge I was looking for. He was also very patient as I looked over 2 options (to determine the "better" one) and then helped me shop for my oven. Tom spent more than an hour helping me decide on each item, walking me through the purchase process, assisting with customer service on the phone, etc. He was even able to get me next-day delivery - and going into a holiday weekend to boot! The deliverymen were great too! On time, fast service, extremely polite. Overall, I can't say enough about my experience with the entire process. The only drawback is having to pay for delivery when others don't charge, but with the savings I was getting, I was ok with it. And paying with the Sears card gave me an extra discount that ended up paying for the delivery and needed cables/hoses. I would recommend Sears Outlet center to anyone who likes to bargain shop, do their research and get a great deal. It's always more satisfying to know you're getting the best deal possible. Now I smile every time I walk into my kitchen!

Tamber R. from wilmington, DE

Find discount ovens at Sears Outlet like a Double Electric Wall Oven.

Built In Kitchen Appliances Like Maytag Smoothtop Ranges at Sears Outlet

We were called by Rachael after she requested this specific product. She provided great services in finding the product; a Maytag smoothtop built in range, which was exactly what we were looking for. Rachael has been grat in finding the exact products we have been looking for for our new house. I hope Sears appreciates what a great salesperson they have here. She is extremely knowledgeable of the products she sells, and goes above and beyond the norm to give great customer service. Thank you again Rachael!!!

Eric E. from Sherrill, NY

Find a Built In Double Wall Oven or a built in range for your home at Sears Outlet.

Find Your Double Wall Oven with Microwave and More at Sears Outlet

My sales person was Elisa, and I was totally satisfied with her service. However, later I got some more questions. I came to the store on Tuesday, and met a manager, Stace. She was so nice to me, explained everything, spent a lot of time with me. I was so happy, even my mood became better. She really was born to be a manager in the store like this. I will definitely come here again.

Rimma S. from Farmington Hills, MI

You can find Double Wall Ovens Electric and gas when you shop at Sears Outlet.

Great Savings on a Kitchen Aid 27" Double Electric Wall Oven

This great looking oven saves some dough while allowing one to proof some as well. This Kitchen Aid 27" Double Electric Wall Oven will save you over $1,700 off the original retail price. It features True Convection technology shortening cooking times and creating a more even cooking experience. The bread proofing option is fantastic for any baker letting the entire bread making process to be done in the oven.

Product Category: Cooking Appliances
Product: 27
Price: $1160.0(Reg Price: $2899.99)
Store Number: 4001
Store Address: 3630 E Front St, Kansas City, MO 64120-1029, (816) 483-2693

Double Wall Over, Microwave and Stovetop Oven All in One Place!

From the moment we walked into the Sears store Stan welcomed us. He was knowledgeable about each brand of the various appliances we were looking for and was extremely patient with all of our questions. We purchased a double wall oven, a microwave and a slide in stovetop/oven. We were there for quite a while and I never felt rushed. He made the entire experience very pleasant. My husband and I are very pleased as he took the time to explain the Master Protection Agreement in the event we have a problem with the merchandise being purchased. His knowledge of each brand regarding features, sizes and materials was very impressive. It was worth the trip to Shrewsbury for us. If you go ask for Stanley, you will be very glad you did!

Constance C. from Burlington, MA

Save over $300 buying a cooktop from Sears Outlet

A nice gentleman and his wife came into our store today because they are doing a whole kitchen remodel. They are moving from a regular free standing range to a cooktop and wall oven. They had been in our store a few times, and finally came across this nice cooktop. With a double burner element, and their preferred knobs over digital touch panel they fell in love. The immediately purchased it, and will be back today for the walloven.

Product Category: Cooking Appliances
Price: $509.99(Reg Price: $849.99)
Store Number: 9892
Store Address: 1302 Bridford Parkway, Greensboro, NC 27407-2654, (336) 292-0889

Double Oven at Sears Outlet Vegas/Henderson

This 24" double oven gives you 3.2 cf of cooking storage. Great for compact places in your kitchen and still gives you the capacity and features as a normal size wall oven. The double oven gives you options to cook big dishes at once with the double oven or break it down into smaller portions and use one oven at a time. Comes with a one year Manf. warranty and always have the option to protect it with the reliable Sears Protection Agreement. I recommend.

Product Category: Cooking Appliances
Product: 24
Price: $750.0(Reg Price: $1499.99)
Store Number: 9849
Store Address: 10405 S. EASTERN AVENUE, HENDERSON, NV 89052-3958, (702) 361-3803 Inside Kmart

Double Wall Oven at Sears Outlet

I like this oven because it is a very relaiable brand. It has the exact features I need.

Product Category: Cooking Appliances
Product: 24
Price: $650.0(Reg Price: $1299.99)
Store Number: 4328
Store Address: 960 Sherman St, San Diego, CA 92110-4015, (619) 497-1123