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How to Choose the Perfect Range

Free-standing Ranges

The most popular type of cooking appliance in America’s kitchens, freestanding ranges generally offer a full-size oven with four or more burners or heat elements on the cooktop.

• Most electric free-standing ranges place their controls on a backsplash behind the cooktop.

• The chief benefits of free-standing ranges are all-in-one simplicity, easy installation, and value.

• They generally cost less than similarly featured slide-in and drop-in models.

Slide-In and Drop-In Ranges

Slide-in ranges are similar in style and function to free-standing ranges, but are designed to be built in between two cabinets and do not come with finished side panels. Both slide-ins and drop-ins are designed for a more finished built-in look.

• Drop-in ranges require customized cabinetry with a cooktop that integrates fairly seamlessly with the countertop. They are dropped into the cutout with a cabinet front panel at the bottom. These ranges are available in electric coil and electric radiant (smooth top).

• May also be placed in a kitchen island.

• Control panels are generally placed in the front of the unit, eliminating the need for a backsplash.

Built-In Cooking

A growing number of customers are looking for built-in cooking appliances, with a separate cooktop built into the countertop in one area and separate oven(s) underneath or built into the wall nearby.

• One of the main benefits of this configuration is for the way it looks.

• Many customers want to achieve the look and feel of a real professional kitchen, or to emulate the sleek, clean, contemporary design of modern European kitchens.

• Another key benefit is simple functionality.

Standard and Speciality Sizes

Ranges, cooktops, and ovens come in a variety of sizes.

• Most ranges are a standard 30” in width.

• There are also 36” and 40” models for replacing larger cutouts or for customers wanting more of a “commercial” look.

• Wall ovens are generally available in 27” and 30” widths, with some 24”models available as well. Most cooktops are either 30” or 36” models, with few exceptions.

•  Make sure you don't cut their countertop or cabinets until they have received their product and have the installation instructions.

• Sears Installation will fit countertops and cabinets to the needed opening.

Home Appliances Sales Where Product Knowledge Is Important

I was in need of a drop-in electric range due to Hurricane Irene. The associates were extremely helpful in making a choice of value and explaining how the Sears Outlet store process works. The manager was extremely pleasant and active in conveying the importance and different warranty and service options available after the sale. Product knowledge is important to us, and we felt very comfortable with the associate's expertise in the value sell. I would highly recommend that you recognize two individuals at the Richmond Va. facility on Tommlyn St. Renee' and manager #992214 did an excellent job during the entire sale process. I am hoping our installation experience will be one that we can share as well. Will Williams Richmond, Va.

Willie A W. from Richmond, VA

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we went there for a range,but we walked out with a range,refrigerator and a big smile, the people was very nice and the prices are low, the sales associate (elias) and the manager (juan) were very helpful Juan even came out and helped us load the refrigerator on the truck and with the 5 year warranty they said is worry-free. thank you guys will be back.

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Cheap Electric Ranges in Oregon at Sears Outlet

Scott Bremmer was not only a competent associate, he was courteous and compassionate as I made some difficult decisions on how to select the right range for our family. He was able to help me find an option that met my needs and did so with patience and a good attitude. I had two small children with me, who were not jazzed about spending time in the store, so he was quick to give me the info I needed so I could make a quick decision, yet he managed to give me space and privacy as I discussed the options with my husband. I appreciated his sensitivity to my unique needs on this particular day. Thanks Scott.

Cory R. from Portland, OR

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The sales associate Vivian was the nicest salesperson I've ever met at Sears. She was very friendly and knew exactly what we needed and helped with everything. She answered all relevent questions and was always curtious. I would recommend her to all! Such a sweet person!

Robert N. from Fort Lauderdale, FL

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The sales agent was most helpful. She educated me regarding the options I had for replacing my drop-in range vs. buying a stand alone range. This included the electrical and carpentry needs. I was impressed. She also showed me how to obtain the best price for my product. I returned on the next and the assistant manager worked hard to obtain the best sale price for me. I reactivated my Sears account Which had been dormant for several years and saved even more money. She explained the credit policy and warrenties. She gave me all of the information in writing. I have purchased appliances from Sears since 1979. I always return to purchase because no other store provides the same quality products and protection plans as Sears. Sears is reliable.

Vicky K. from Rock Hill, SC

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Our salesperson, Harvey Marquis, did everything he possibly could have done to get us exactly what we wanted and needed, a double-oven to fit our existing space. The price was right, and his service was extremely professional and accommodating. I will certainly seek him out for future purchases. Highly recommend this Sears Outlet Store and its excellent staff, from the manager down to the delivery men who put the double oven in my van.

Deanna S. from Dallas, TX

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I live in Florida and ordered two electric blankets on March 30th. COULD NOT find any electric blankets in local stores for a reasonable price. Who would want an electric blanket in Fl this time of year ??? Sears Outlet came through at such a low cost that I decided to order two and keep one as a spare. I still payed less that 1/2 of any other competitor's price, and the shipping was even faster than what Sears advertised. I will certainaly be a repeat customer.

product: Sunbeam Twin Elec Blanket
City: Bartow
State: Fl

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Jay Zardee, my salesperson, was extremely patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. Although I did have to exchange some things (and still might since I'm redoing an entire kitchen), he was fantastic. You have a gem in him! I look forward to the next purchase, a range hood, an will definitely look for him.

Elizabeth M. from Norfolk, VA

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If you love to cook then you will love this Range. It will make a great addition to any kitchen.

Product Category: Cooking Appliances
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Price: $1743.93(Reg Price: $2179.99)
Store Number: 4599
Store Address: 2700 Potomac Mills Circle, PRINCE WILLIAM, VA 22192-0000, (703) 490-3968