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How to Choose the Perfect Range

Free-standing Ranges

The most popular type of cooking appliance in America’s kitchens, freestanding ranges generally offer a full-size oven with four or more burners or heat elements on the cooktop.

• Most electric free-standing ranges place their controls on a backsplash behind the cooktop.

• The chief benefits of free-standing ranges are all-in-one simplicity, easy installation, and value.

• They generally cost less than similarly featured slide-in and drop-in models.

Slide-In and Drop-In Ranges

Slide-in ranges are similar in style and function to free-standing ranges, but are designed to be built in between two cabinets and do not come with finished side panels. Both slide-ins and drop-ins are designed for a more finished built-in look.

• Drop-in ranges require customized cabinetry with a cooktop that integrates fairly seamlessly with the countertop. They are dropped into the cutout with a cabinet front panel at the bottom. These ranges are available in electric coil and electric radiant (smooth top).

• May also be placed in a kitchen island.

• Control panels are generally placed in the front of the unit, eliminating the need for a backsplash.

Built-In Cooking

A growing number of customers are looking for built-in cooking appliances, with a separate cooktop built into the countertop in one area and separate oven(s) underneath or built into the wall nearby.

• One of the main benefits of this configuration is for the way it looks.

• Many customers want to achieve the look and feel of a real professional kitchen, or to emulate the sleek, clean, contemporary design of modern European kitchens.

• Another key benefit is simple functionality.

Standard and Speciality Sizes

Ranges, cooktops, and ovens come in a variety of sizes.

• Most ranges are a standard 30” in width.

• There are also 36” and 40” models for replacing larger cutouts or for customers wanting more of a “commercial” look.

• Wall ovens are generally available in 27” and 30” widths, with some 24”models available as well. Most cooktops are either 30” or 36” models, with few exceptions.

•  Make sure you don't cut their countertop or cabinets until they have received their product and have the installation instructions.

• Sears Installation will fit countertops and cabinets to the needed opening.

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My initial sales representative was a young man named Joseph Hunt. Mr. Hunt helped me when no one else would offer help. He showed me all the items I was interested in purchasing. He informed the manager of a refrigerator I wanted that had problems. The refrierator was my main purchase. The manager informed me that when another refrigerator came in (same stock number) they would let me have it at the same price since the one on the floor was not working properly. Additionally, Anna helped with the check out process and offered me the extended warrant on washer and dryer. On Saturday, I went back and Joseph sold me two mattress. I do not have numbers for Joseph Hunt or the manager-- name given, Gus, but they made my purchase experience very pleasant. I am in the process of building a new home. They have offered to make me aware when they have a cooktop with grill and a gas double oven. One stop shopping. It does not get much better than that. Thanks for a Great Experience.

Phyllis E. from Houston, TX

Great Deal on an Oven and Refrigerator

Dave and Isha were very helpful. They both spent a lot of time with us and gave us a great deal on an oven and refrigerator. Another salesperson also helped Isha ring up the sale. I am not sure of her name, but she stayed several minutes after she was supposed to leave to make sure that the sale rang up properly and that we got all the discounts we were entitled to receive.

Lisa G. from Glastonbury, CT

Deals on Washing Machines at Sears Outlet

My daughter and I were just in the store 25 days prior to this trip when we purchased an oven. The trip we made on 22 Sept. was by far the best experience we have had at the outlet store. I believe it is solely related to the salesperson who helped us this time. He was excellent in knowledge, presentation and verbably explaining every aspect regarding the washing machine purchased. The checkout process was easy, and without being overwhelmed with what I call "add-ons" which increase the price of the item purchased. His explanation of the care and service of the appliance based on the extended warranty purchased would have sold me if I had not intended on purchasing it prior to my arrival. My entended family and friends purchase ONLY Sears appliances because of the people and products themselves. I will shop no where else for appliances.

Deborah C. from Mt. Juliet, TN

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LG Gas Range and Bosch Dishwasher Deals

We purchased our house a few years ago and though the kitchen was recently updated, the previous owners put in cheap appliances which as you might have guessed broke down within 2 years of our home purchase. Since we have a large family, we had to find quality energy efficient appliances that were in our rob Peter to pay Paul budget. After researching all the top major appliance stores as well as all the club wholesale stores, we found just what we were looking for at the Sears Outlet. We purchased great products like our Bosch dishwasher and LG Oven that were both ranked high by JD Powers and Consumer Research. Even if I win the lottery, I will not shop anywhere else!! Why should I? We found great products at great prices and were treated with great respect by the incredibly helpful staff. What more could you ask for!

product: LG Gas Range
Name: P Coughlin
City: Arnold
State: MD

Great Oven Buy in Mill Creek, WA

Our oven died today and we drove from Mill Creek (near Everett, WA) all the way down to Tacoma to pick up a new one from the Sears outlet that we put on hold. When we got there somehow the oven we were going to buy was sold by mistake. It was near closing time but Mike and his manager Ed stayed late to help us out by placing an order for a new oven that will be delivered in a week. They went above and beyond to remedy the situation and we truly appreciate their commitment to assuring customers receive the best service possible. The long drive all the way to Tacoma was defiantely worth the trip. We will definately be shopping there in the future. Thank you!

Shelley L. from Mill Creek, WA

Kenmore Ovens and Cooktops at Sears Outlet

I recently had a serious fire in my cookstove. In spending a week seeking a suitable replacement I became a bit depressed a the enormous cost envolved. As sometimes happens I was casually looking through the news paper and saw the Outlet ad. Why not,I said. The next day (about four minutes after I entered) I saw the perfect replacement, a nice Kenmore (with a slight ding on the side-which would be hidden by the cabinetry). A $1600. item for $900.What's not to like. Thank you Sears Outlet.

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Merrick Talley was our sale person and he helped us with a microwave, but really influenced our decision to purchase a flat screen TV and the 90 warranty and ease of the 3 year home plan. We also bought a patio set because I joking said can I get 12 mo no interest he said you sure can. He was very professional and easy to talk with, made it easy no pressure. As he worked with , my husband and me he explained the K-Mart/Sears bonus card I was surprised to learn of the relationship and he took the time to explain it to me. WOW! You can tell he is proud of what he does. Thanks Merrick.

Nancy C. from Marietta, GA

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Great Deals on Ovens and Cooktops at Sears Outlet

The service and price were excellent. The cooktop we purchased was better then what we had seen in other stores and the cost was 50% less then anything we had seen. I will come back more and more and recommend it to friends. I also want to thank Judy for the great service.

Dwayne H. from Marietta, GA

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In and Out and Happy at Sears Outlet Discount Appliance Retail Store

After entering the store I was greeted by my salesperson who asked as to what I was interested in viewing and walked me to the display area form the built in ovens. She measured the ovens of interest and helped me greatly to secure the proper sized oven. She was friendly and even looked in another area for additional selections. I made my decision and left the store very happy!

Wanda B. from Redford, MI

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