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Professional Kitchen Appliances with Professional Sales People at Sears Outlet

I was extremely please with the Sales representative Mr. Micheal Brooks He was patient, calm, knowledgeable about the products of intrest, He was very understanding as he worked with me through the porcess leading up to my purchase. My inital intent was to purchase only one item,but after working with Mr. Brooks, I took a step of faith and purchase two other items at the same time, His work demeanure was great, even though I was a difficult customer to deal with by being undecided and kept switching back and forth with my selections, however because of his personallity and calmness he was able to stick with me until the puchase was made and the transactions completed. I just want to let you know that he is a great asset to your company and I am hoping that his manner and composure, product knowledge and courteousness will ingnite other associates to do the same Mr. Books is from the Eagle Run Location in Newark DeIware, To be honest I was very very impressed.l

Carol W. from Newcastle,, DE

We have all sorts of professional appliances on sale at Sears Outlet including Portable Dishwashers on Sale.