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Discount Appliance Purchase with a Friendly Sales Associate

Just stopped in to browse discount refrigerators for our new house. We lucked up on getting a very knowlegeable and helpful salesperson. Ended up buying a fridge, freezer, dishwasher, and washer and dryer set. Salesperson was enthusiastic, energetic, answered all our many questions, if he didn't know something he went and found out. He was very helpful and professional. We will definitely be back when we need anything for our new home.

Vicki B. from Deep Gap, NC

Shopping for Discount Major Appliances The Handicap Friendly Way

I recently purchased a refrigerator from your Sears store in Shrewsbury and I wish to commend your associate #9936 (Nick) for the excellent service I received. Nick was very considerate as I am handicapped and found it very tiring to stand and look at so many refrigerators. Not only did he get a chair for me but he brought an office chair and wheeled me around from refrigerator to refrigerator so that I could compare. This made all the difference in my purchasing a refrigerator as I would have given up and stopped looking had I not been able to see everything that was available. I definitely rate Nick a #10!

Doris Y. from Brookline, MA

Discount Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator at Sears Outlet

My fridge went out and I recently lost my job, so I didn't have alot of money to spend on a new refrigerator. I went to and saw some good looking refrigerators that were reasonably priced. I went to the store and ended up buying a Kenmore Refrigerator for less than I had expected to pay. I am very pleased, and I will definitely recommend Sears Outlet to family and friends.

Tracy L. from Florissant, MO

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Great Deal on an Oven and Refrigerator

Dave and Isha were very helpful. They both spent a lot of time with us and gave us a great deal on an oven and refrigerator. Another salesperson also helped Isha ring up the sale. I am not sure of her name, but she stayed several minutes after she was supposed to leave to make sure that the sale rang up properly and that we got all the discounts we were entitled to receive.

Lisa G. from Glastonbury, CT

Cheap Refrigerators and Extremely Knowledgeable Sales People

The salesperson was extremely knowledgeable and thorough in explaining about the product (refrigerator) that we purchased. She did an excellent job in explaining the benefits of purchasing an extended warranty agreement. Before her explanation, we had no intentions of purchgasing the agreement. After her explanation, we were convinced of the benefits, and we purchased the agreement. The salesperson did an outstanding job in selling this product.

Delcenia J. from Corona, CA

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Discount Major Appliances for Rental Properties

Domonique is one of your very recent hires but has the polished customer service of a seasoned professional. When the fridge was not available, she immediately researched and found two available at the distribution center at the price I was comfortable paying. I bought both, (one as a back up for an apartment complex) because of her quick thinking, pleasant personality, knowledge of the product, and because of the price. Turned out I did not need either but my new tenant will benefit by having a new fridge when they move in next week and I am very happy to have a spare. Please provide your new hires with as much additional training as possible. It makes all the difference in the world. Also, giving them a tour of the distribution center would be a benefit to us customers.

Lance O. from University Place, WA

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I was very pleased with my experience at the Sears Outlet store. I recently purchased a new home, and have been very overwhelmed with my needed purchases. My salesperson was able to answer all my questions about pricing, features and warranty limitations. I left feeling confident that I had made a solid selection in my new refrigerator, and was glad I didn't have to visit multiple stores to find the best deal.

Heather S. from Kennesaw, GA

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Great Deals on Home Appliances at Sears Outlet

We had seen the refrigerator we decided to buy on an earlier trip to the store, but decided to shop around a bit just to see what else was out there. We came back the next day to buy the refrigerator, but every one of the three that had been on the floor had been sold. We went to a Sears store to check out the model we were interested in and decided we could buy it at full price if we needed to, but that we would wait and keep checking the store to find the next one to come on the floor. This process took about three weeks but ended in success. We have always found the outlet store to be a good value. Even though we have always shopped around we always end up back at the outlet. So much so that every appliance in our house was bought at the outlet store. We could have saved ourselves some time if we had just remembered this on this occasion.

Michael P. from Steilacoom, WA

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A Deal on a Washer and Dryer and a TV!

Mike was extremely helpful, answered all of my questions, was attentive but also gave me space and time to make my decision. In addition to being helpful regarding the refrigerator I purchased, he was knowledgeable about a washer and dryer I am purchasing and a TV set that I may purchase soon. He was not "high pressure sales", which I appreciated. He just knew his information and was interested in being sure I was satisfied with my experience at Sears Outlet. He is a great asset to your company... polite, customer service oriented, and patient. I was in the store looking at various things for a couple of hours and had positive interactions with all of the salespeople there. I will come back again. Good selection.

Carol N. from Seattle, WA

Hubby Brought Home Clearance Sale Clothes

we bought a refrigerator a few months ago at this store and were xtremely satisfied with it. we reccomended to my father-in-law and he purchase a refrigerator today at this same location, my husband picked it up for him and while he was there, he saw a big sale on clothes and bought me,my daughter and himself some clothes that were on sale, so he must have really been pleased with the prices because my husband never shops for clothes, so I want to thank you.

Kathy B. from Acworth, GA

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