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Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerator for Sale at Sears Outlet

AIDA,the sales associate was extremely helpful and offered me excellent customer service from the time i walked into the store to the checkout point, she went the extra mile to find me a samsung refridgerator when the Jen-Air brand won,t fit my kitchen space and called me the next day and my appliance was delivered timely, iam very grateful to her, she is agreat asset to sears.


Best Home Appliances with "Walking Wikipedia" Salesmen at Sears Outlet

We had our best shoping experience ever! Our salesman scott was on his game. He is a walking wikipedia when it comes to apliances. There wasn't a singel question he didn't hav an answer to. We ended up choosing the 4 door samsung with Scotts help. He also stressed how important the extended service contract was so we opted for the 5 year protection. I have all the confidence in the world thaat we got a quality item from a respected source all the while Scott made spending the money so easy for us. Thank you outlet team and Scott!!!

Kellie S. from anchorage, AL

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Samsung Kitchen Appliances Like a Quiet And Effective Dishwasher

A customer by the name of John came into the store looking for A white samsung dishwasher. The dishwasher would be the final piece of a kitchen remodel. John wanted a dishwasher with low D.B. rating, Stainless steel tub, removeable racks, and a food dispensor. The dishwasher was found to fit the needs of the customer was a white samsung dishwasher with all the features he desired plus more. The samsung had a D.B. rating of 49, a triple filtration system that help get rid of unwanted food particles along with a Stainless steel tub and removable racks. John loved what he saw and purchased right away since purchasing and using the dishwasher John has call and said " Doing dishes is easy and a lot quieter thanks too samsung and sears" .

Product Category: Dishwasher and Disposal
Product: 24
Price: $599.93(Reg Price: $799.99)
Store Number: 7601
Store Address: 10200 Colerain Ave Ste 11, Cincinnati, OH 45251-4904, (513) 245-9300

Associate Helps Customer with Samsung Kitchen Appliances

Dominica sold me 4 large kitchen appliances, she checked the computer numerous times & sent me emails & follow up phone calls to help me purchase a Samsung refrigerator. I worked with her two months. I do not have Dominica's assoc. # at this time. The associate who range me up for this purchase was also helpful when Dominica was not available. "Big Dave" the supervisor helped me on the floor & help me order parts for my Kitchen Aid stove & help with the sales transaction. He went out of his way to make sure I had a great experience. Steve or Mike not sure which name, a supervisor also help me out. It would be nice to have the reason for the return on the appliance on the floor. I would like to know if it went out to someone's home or if it was just scratched in the warehouse.

Christy J. from Manhattan Beach, CA