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Cheap Scratch and Dent Appliances at Sears Outlet

I found Walter Fraizer to be very helpful. He was friendly and very patient. I felt very good about asking questions and taking my time before making the purchases. I had bought an appliance a few months earlier and he was the reason that my husband and I came back to buy two more kitchen appliances. He is very knowledgeable and made it real easy for us. Both times, I was in and out quickly, leaving me a very satisfied cutomer. One other note: The associate manager there is excellent. I had asked for her name because she was so impressive. Her name is LaDonna Lucas (700575). You guys are lucky to have her. She could be a "super star" anywhere she worked. I was surprised that she was only an assistant manager. She seem to know a whole lot more than the manager. She really knows her stuff and was very nice to work with. Overall a very excellent experience and I will go back! Thank you!

Ekua K. from Baltimore, MD