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Cree was our saleswoman - she was friendly, chipper, eager to please, knowledgable, and outstanding in all ways. Brianna was her supervisor, who chimed in on some of the sales processes and item selection - she was all those things I already said about Cree. We were remarkably impressed with the customer service experience we received - especially when you consider that this is an outlet store, not Nordstrom. I intend to seek them out for return visits - they were that good...

Alex C. from Alameda, CA

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I was amazed at how concerned sales associates were with my personal satisfaction through all steps of my purchase. They helped me look online for products, called other Sears outlet stores to ask about inventory, and promptly called me on my request to notify me the same morning my desired appliance arrived. I have never experienced such sincere desire in associates to meet my appliance shopping needs. They were very thorough in ensuring my satisfaction. I will absolutely recommend this Sears Outlet center to friends, family, coworkers and neighbors!

Summer R. from Greensboro, NC

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I had a fantastic experience with my sales associate, Jesse. He went out of his way to help me find what I needed then offered an appliance from the back that was new and exactly what I needed. Even though it was a little more than I set my budget for, I chose quality and I am happy with my decision. He went above and beyond to help me and was very cool to all of my children. He would be the employee I promote higher because of his integrity and ambition to go the extra mile for his customer.

Sarah H. from Huntington Beach, CA

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Hannah was extremely friendly and helped me with my purchase from start to finish. She educated me about the product, invited me to apply for a Sears credit card, and offered me follow-up details should my appliances work improperly. I've never purchased appliances before, but felt like I was in great hands with Hannah's customer service. Thanks for staffing your outlet stores with professionals like Hannah. I know where to go for my future home purchases.

MASHARI W. from Charlotte, NC

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I would like to say my associate Michelle was very helpful and took the time needed to show me the different products available at your outlet. She explained in detail the extended warranty program and found answers to all my questions. I also want to commend all the folks at this outlet. I had to speak to Ryan and Dawn and a service tech along with the warehouse manager at different points along the way to finally making the purchase. All were quite helpful and happy to extend a hand. I was most happy with all the discounts as well.


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As a former employee of Sears, i've always thought of Sears employees as knowledgeable, welcoming, and helpful people. My salesperson, Dan was no exception. He performed quality salesmanship, and answered any questions i asked. I will surely be buying products in the future at Sears Outlet because of the excellent pricing, merchandise, and service given. ...Give Dan a raise!

Anthony W. from Glenshaw, PA

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I could not be more happy with the service provied with David Paiva from the Fall River Outlet store. He knew what he was talking about and was HONEST. We actually left the store and talked for a while with friends about how low stress the expirience was and how pleased we were with Davids service. We really could not be more happy and would of course go back and tell our friends to go and see him!

Jenny R. from E. Providence, RI

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Unbelievable! The staff was really all so nice. We had a problem, and they all went out of their way to make it right. The staff were all very kind...there was a dark haired girl in clothing - very sweet, the two people who helped us with the appliance wereTaidra and Addler accomodating as were the two men who assisted us in moving the merchandise to from our car. I know customer service is so important, but more than not, it is non-existent today, but this shopping experience was unbelievably excellent. Thanks to them all for the assistance, we so appreciated it. They really went out of their way to make things right for us! Regards

Marymartha B. from Ramsey, NJ

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I can honestly say, I have never had a better experience shopping for appliances then I did at Sears outlet. If it was not for Anthony Low helping me over the phone, I would have never bothered to come in and shop let alone come to Potomac mills. Mr.Low and his sales staff made this such an amazing experience for me, I will make sure all of my family and friends use sears and sears outlet from here on out, I have actually already started to spread the word. Thank you so much for helping me and making this such an easy process. Sears is lucky to have you in there employ...

Kimberly S. from Falls Church, VA

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Matt was an excellent salesman to work with. He was very friendly and had a vast amount of knowledge regarding Sears and it's products. He made the shopping experience a truly great one and I left with exactly what I wanted and was completely satisfied. I would recommend him to anyone. He answered every question with great detail and I never felt misinformed. The checkout process was very quick and he explained all details relating to the receipt and sale. Matt has great customer service andhe was a pleasure to work with.

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