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High Efficiency vs Conventional Washers

Do you prefer a High Efficiency or conventional washer?

High Efficiency (HE) washers save water and energy and clean better than conventional washers. Conventional washers provide reliable performance at a modest price.

Capacity — Larger-capacity laundry pairs allow customers to wash and dry more items per load, reducing the overall number of loads per week.

Cleaning — Today’s washers provide better cleaning performance and stain removal.

Savings — Many washers are ENERG Y STAR qualified, which means they’ll save money on utility bills.

Fabric care — HE washers are gentle on fabrics because they don’t have an agitator to twist and tangle clothing.

• Some customers don't want to spend a lot on a laundry pair. Conventional laundry pairs are not as expensive as many HE pairs and do a great job cleaning.

What is High Efficiency?

• An HE washer uses significantly less water, energy

and detergent to clean clothes, conserving money and resources.

• There is no agitator in an HE washer. They tumble clothes in a smaller amount of water rather than agitating clothes in a full tub.

• Less water is needed. The water level doesn’t need to cover the load of clothes to get them completely clean. They’re tumbled through a small amount of water and detergent. HE machines actually clean laundry better than traditional machines.

• Less energy will be used. 90% of the cost of washing clothes comes from heating the water.* There’s much less water to heat with an HE washer. Plus, their highspeed spin cycles wring out more water from clothes so the dryer uses less energy.

• HE washers and their matching dryers have larger capacities. More clothes will fit into a load. This results in less dry time, saving time and money.

• Detergent can be used more efficiently. The amount of water and detergent used in HE washers in each cycle is optimized to clean clothes more effectively. Specially formulated HE detergent goes directly to soils and stains. Only HE detergent should be used with an HE washer.

Do you prefer a top-load or front-load laundry pair?

• Front-loading HE washers — The wash basket is rotated horizontally to tumble clothes through the water and detergent. The tumbling motion is gentler on both delicate clothing and bulky items, and it’s more efficient.

• Top-loading HE washers — Low-profile wheels, plates or disks replace traditional agitators to move clothes gently through the water and detergent.


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