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Things to Consider When Buying a Dryer

How many loads of laundry do you estimate you dry per week?

The number of loads washed and dried depends upon how many people are in the household. A single person is not going to dry as many loads as an active family. Large capacity dryers should be purchased along with a large-capacity washer. A larger capacity dryer can dry larger loads more efficiently in less time. It can also dry larger items, such as comforters, more thoroughly. Shorter drying times extend the life of fabrics.

What drying cycles do you use most often?

Many customers use their dryers for various reasons. Some want to dry an entire load but keep out certain items they prefer to hang dry to prevent shrinking. Some like to throw in an item to help reduce wrinkles. Dryers today can perform a variety of functions, including Steam Refresh and releasing wrinkles to cut down on ironing.

Where is your laundry room located?

Quietness is often a factor for customers purchasing a laundry pair. While the washer generates noise so does the dryer. Advanced sound dampening on certain models can make dryers extremely quiet. That’s very important if the laundry pair is placed near living or sleeping areas. Laundry rooms are not placed just in the basement any longer; many customers have homes where the laundry room is on the second floor near bedrooms or is located right in the kitchen.

How often do you dry items that should not be tumbled in the dryer?

Many items simply should not be tumbled in the dryer, such as delicate sweaters, canvas shoes, or stuffed animals. A heated drying rack is a great accessory to any dryer because it gives the customer more options for how they want to dry their precious items.


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