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Types of Refrigerators and Their Benefits

There are many options to choose from when buying a new refrigerator. This article will give you a quick overview of the different types and the benefits of each.

Top freezer

• Tend to be narrower than side-by-sides of comparable cubic foot capacity (29”-33”), but have a wider door‑swing.

• Offer a tremendous amount of storage versatility.

• Wide items (such as pizza boxes, deli trays and roasting pans) tend to fit more easily in a top freezer model.

• Typically, top freezer models cost less than side-by-sides and are more energy efficient

Bottom freezer

• Pull-out and glide-out features make it easier for you to see, reach and organize foods stored in the freezer.

• Fresh foods are stored at a more convenient height, making them easier to see and reach.

French Door

• The unique armoire doors in this bottom freezer model eliminate the center bar found in other side-by-side models.

• The French Door refrigerator has a larger freezer capacity than any other bottom-freezer model.

• This refrigerator is great for customers with a smaller kitchen or an island since the door opening is so much smaller.


• Tend to be wider than other refrigerators


• Full-height freezer next to a full-height refrigerator (66”-70”).

• Ice and water dispensers are available on most side-by-side models with water filtration.

• Fresh and frozen foods are stored at a convenient height, making them easy to see and reach.

• Come in larger maximum storage capacities.

• Tend to have a wider range of features to enhance performance and convenience.

Counter Depth Side-By-Side

• The built-in look without the built-in price. Over 5”‑shallower than similar width side by sides, fits flush with kitchen counters. This free standing unit can plug into any standard outlet.

Things to consider when Buying a Refrigerator

Looking for a new refrigerator? Here are a few simple questions to ask before deciding what to buy.


What size space do you have available?

• Customers should make sure to measure the width, depth and height of the space where their new refrigerator will be placed.

• In the past, people with smaller cut-outs leaned toward top freezers. However,

options that include smaller versions of side-by-sides, bottom freezers and French-door bottom freezers are available.

• Counter-depth models are designed to be flush with countertops to provide a sleek, built-in appearance. These models are also the perfect solution for kitchens with a limited cutout depth, saving up to 5” of valuable floor space.

Do you and/or your family eat more frozen foods or fresh foods?

• If you eat more frozen foods, you will want a freezer that is easy to access and has a large capacity. Top freezers and side-by sides might be better options. Be aware that the freezer compartment in a side-by-side is narrower.

• Customers who eat more fresh foods may want a fresh food section that has more capacity. Bottom freezers keep all fresh foods at a higher level for easy reach and allow for the storage of wide items like deli trays.

Does your family eat a lot of fruits and vegetables?

• If yes, then you may want features like humidity-controlled crispers or dual evaporators that help keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Some Kenmore Elite side by- side models offer Fresh ’N Ready bins for easy access to produce on the door.

Do you want to get water and/or ice from the refrigerator without opening the door?

• Almost all side-by-sides and most bottom freezers provide filtered water from the door. Few top freezers provide this feature.

Is styling important to you?

• If you want a built-in look, you may want a counter-depth, side-by-side or bottom freezer. These models have less depth, leaving the cabinet flush with the countertops, but have slightly less capacity.

• External dispensers on certain models have a more integrated look with the refrigerator door.

• Some models have smooth, contoured doors.

• Some models have longer doors that hide the hinges.

Are you concerned about energy consumption?

• You may want to select a refrigerator that is designated as ENERG Y STAR® qualified. These models are at least 20% more energy efficient than the Department of Energy standard and can provide significant savings over the life of the refrigerator.

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Michael was exceptionally helpful. His product knowledge was strong, and he was great helping us find the fridge with the right balance of features and great price with only a few 'dings'. He was able to really chat with us and make it a pleasant overall experience. As a former retail manager, he skillfully asked upsell questions and took our needs and areas without needs into account beautifully. You've got a treasure there.

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The Sears Experience

Great! I had a product from another store chain. The refrigerator broke down I searched for someone who could help me in my dilema on the computer as a last resort. I had no idea what to do. I happen to come across a article about sears warranty program on products that were already broken, I reluctantly purchased a warranty from Sears and a technician was scheduled to come to my home (rescue) almost immediately. After a few visits to my home and ordering new parts, it was determined that that refrigerator was beyond repair. The technician contacted the store and made them aware that the fridge was no good, within 24 hours the store called and stated they would give me $500.00 towards another refrigerator, During the same call I was given an authorization number and a case number and was immediately eligible to go to a store or outlet of sears and purchase a refrigerator.

I went to the outlet store and the staff was remarkable. Their patience was remarkable to say the lease. It took me three days to finally make a selection, but when I finally did my delivery was scheduled for the next day!!!!!!

I got a brand new 2774.00 refrigerator for 1060.00 (the fridge had cosmetic damage. A few little scratched on the side and my waranty which was transferred to my new fridge with a one year extension.They extended to match the manufacturer warranty

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Manny, our sales rep restored our faith in customer servcie. He was exceedingly knowledgable and helped us make the right selection for our needs. He has a very positive attitude and seems to take a genuine interest in his customers. We told him we were replacing a perfectly good refrigerator only 4 years old and did not want to see it cannabolized. He hleped us find a needy family and saw to they got the appliance. I can't say enough about this young man. He took the pain out of shopping and we are extremely happ with our purchase, Manny and Sears.

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I was greeted with by a young man named Ross. He was courteous and showed me many available type of refrigerators that I was looking for. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the products. He answered my questions thoroughlys and politely. He was very helpful and he is a valuable asset to your store. I just wish other salespersons were as knowledgable and pleasant. A woman named Taffy also helped get a name change on my card. She too was very helpful and friendly. What a treat. Ross and Taffy are sales personnel that every store would benefit from employing. Thank you, Kady Rachford

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