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I did a lot of research with Consumer Reports and shopping around on the internet for a new fridge and oven. Everyone I spoke to recommended Sears Outlet center, but I wanted to search around for myself. And it turns out, they had exactly what I was looking for - and the best prices too! It was great to be able to shop the store inventory online and determine what was there before I made the trip. Going into Memorial Day weekend, all the competitors were having sales, but none of them came close to Sears Outlet's prices. Once I arrived at the store armed with my research printouts, my salesperson (Tom Reynolds) was very helpful by walking me around the store to find the exact fridge I was looking for. He was also very patient as I looked over 2 options (to determine the "better" one) and then helped me shop for my oven. Tom spent more than an hour helping me decide on each item, walking me through the purchase process, assisting with customer service on the phone, etc. He was even able to get me next-day delivery - and going into a holiday weekend to boot! The deliverymen were great too! On time, fast service, extremely polite. Overall, I can't say enough about my experience with the entire process. The only drawback is having to pay for delivery when others don't charge, but with the savings I was getting, I was ok with it. And paying with the Sears card gave me an extra discount that ended up paying for the delivery and needed cables/hoses. I would recommend Sears Outlet center to anyone who likes to bargain shop, do their research and get a great deal. It's always more satisfying to know you're getting the best deal possible. Now I smile every time I walk into my kitchen!

Tamber R. from wilmington, DE

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Find Your Double Wall Oven with Microwave and More at Sears Outlet

My sales person was Elisa, and I was totally satisfied with her service. However, later I got some more questions. I came to the store on Tuesday, and met a manager, Stace. She was so nice to me, explained everything, spent a lot of time with me. I was so happy, even my mood became better. She really was born to be a manager in the store like this. I will definitely come here again.

Rimma S. from Farmington Hills, MI

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Double Wall Oven with Microwave at Sears Outlet

Our sales lady made our first trip to the outlet store very enjoyable. She was there when we needed her, her knowledge of product, sales info, and pricing were right on. Even the two guys loading my truck were very helpful and courteous. I need a built in microwave unit; I will definetely check with sears first. Thx Again Mark

Mark R. from Pittsboro, NC

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