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More Than Perfect Price on Washer and Dryer Houston

I had an extremely delightful experience today at the Sears Outlet. Ana is an amazing young woman! We have been without a washer since April and were not even sure that we could afford one at this time. She directed us expertly to a washer that would fit our needs. The price was more than perfect, but was still not sure if we could really afford it right now. She was so helpful, but with out ANY preasure to purchase. I made the decision to buy and she explained all of the important things that I needed to complete the sale, such as a warranty, delivery and the hose hook-up. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase today and would definitely recommend the Sears Outlet store to others! This is our fifth appliance purchase at this Outlet store. We will be back. Thank you Ana for your help today. I feel like I won the lottery today. Barbara Balius

Barbara B. from Houston, TX

A Deal on a Washer and Dryer and a TV!

Mike was extremely helpful, answered all of my questions, was attentive but also gave me space and time to make my decision. In addition to being helpful regarding the refrigerator I purchased, he was knowledgeable about a washer and dryer I am purchasing and a TV set that I may purchase soon. He was not "high pressure sales", which I appreciated. He just knew his information and was interested in being sure I was satisfied with my experience at Sears Outlet. He is a great asset to your company... polite, customer service oriented, and patient. I was in the store looking at various things for a couple of hours and had positive interactions with all of the salespeople there. I will come back again. Good selection.

Carol N. from Seattle, WA

Many Discount Scratch and Dent Appliances All in One Place

Jessica was very helpful and informative, and explained how we could delay our delivery date so that we could come back to shop for the things we didn't find (washer/dryer and range) to bundle in one delivery. Bernie helped us as well and knew his products inside and out, giving us loads of information and food for thought. All the employees we saw were friendly and ready to help.

Leslie J. from Orlando, FL

Find Many Discount Scratch and Dent Appliances all in one place at Sears Outlet.

Looking for a Deal on Washer?

Antonio was training Danny, so we waited a bit longer for ringing out but we were not in a hurry so it was ok. Antonios level of service in helping us was great, and he was able to refer to his own experience with the product. He was aware of the green eco features,too. He got the manager to help when needed as this product was not in the outlet and we had to order it in for delivery. We are hoping delivery goes smoothly, and I did question him on this for the date and time being honored. He did offer to set up the washer dryer, then have it reset when pedestals came. I said we would do it all together in two weeks. He set the date.

Kris M. from littleton, CO

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Find a Deal on Washer with Nice and Understanding Sales People at Sears Outlet

We had two very nice and understanding sales people ( Tricia Young and Eddie Boone ). They never made me feel stupid or dense when I asked my questions, like so many other sales people do at other places. They gave me a lot of time and were very very good. I like my new washer, and a lot of that is do to the knowledge they gave me. A big Thank you to Eddie and Tricia !!! Mary Jo Phillips

Mary Jo P. from Okeana, OH

Find a Deal on Washer and Dryer Sears Outlet.

2nd Major Appliance Purchase from Sears Outlet

This is the second time we have purchased a major appliance from the Sears Outlet store and we have been totally satisfied with our purchases. The Sales Associates are always nice and well informed. They provide all the answers to our questions. Sometimes we have to go down to the Sears Outlet store more than once to find just exactly what we need, but it's so worth it. We always highly recommend this Sears Outlet store to everyone. We'll see you next time.... I think I see a new washer and dryer in our future. Keep up the good work.

Debbe M. from El Cajon, CA

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Matching Washer and Dryer in Pineallas Park, FL

Sales associate very helpful and knowledgeable, checked prices many times. Stayed with us while we narrowed our choices down to 4, then 2, and finally the one we purchased (including checking total prices for each brand set, checking for matching dryer/washer, etc.). He answered all our questions about features, ratings, etc. He was extremely helpful and patient, as we spent at least 2 hours reviewing and deciding. I am in a wheelchair, and as we comparisoned shopped, he went back and looked at another machine for features to save my husband from having to push me back and forth. He was really pleasent to work with.

Amelia C. from Pineallas Park, FL

Cheap Washer and Dryer in Houston, TX

Mr. Hector Neyra was our salesperson and he was the best salesperson we have had at the Sears Outlet Store. We've bought two washing machines and two dryers at the Sears O.S. and received the best service from Mr. Neyra. Also, the young man who helped us load the washing machine in the truck today was pleasant, courteous and respectful. Unfortunately we did not get his name.

Julie K. from Houston, TX 77096, TX

Kenmore Refrigator and Washer and Dryer All in One Place!

When I purchased my new condo I needed to buy some appliances. I knew about the Sears outlet in Livona, Michigan because I had been there before and saved a lot of money. So I motored on over to the outlet. There I purchased a Washer and Dryer, a beautiful large Refrigator. I saved so much money there that I just could not believe it. I was so very happy with all my new and beautiful appliance there. I was so happy that I told my friend about my experiences and savings. She had just purchased a condo and needed new appliances. So, I took her there. She was amased with the selection and quality there. She purchased a new refrigator, a stove and a washer and dryer. She said she saved so much money that she was able to buy her draperies for her new place. Im going to be going back soon to look for a new dishwasher and trash compactor. I love the Sears outlet.Because it saves me a lot of money. Its great.

product: Kenmore, Refrigator, Washer and dryer
Name: Virginia Levas
City: White Lake
State: Michigan

Great Customer Service with Home Appliances

I just want to say that hands down, our sales associate Estela Gurrusquieta was the most courteous, knowledgeable and generally all around fantastic person. She helped us pick out and compare appliances. Through her help we bought, not only a washer and dryer, but a refrigerator, stove and gas grill as well. She was there to answer questions and concerns. Never felt pressured to purchase warranty programs but we purchased a 5 year plan for almost every appliance. She made a stressful experience a joy...and I even had my husband and 2 children with me!! We all left very pleased and satisfied. She is a great asset to Sears! The prices for the appliances that we got were great as well, but if you don't have great customer service you won't get the people into stay long enough to shop and buy!

Traci A. from Stafford, TX